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Why Upgrade to Premium?

Picture HyperDo Premium as a pact you make with yourself—a commitment to sidestep distractions and bid farewell to the chaos of multitasking. It's a genuine promise to roll up your sleeves and be seriously productive, ticking off tasks one by one off the to-do list. In the grand scheme of things, we reckon life is all about getting stuff done and accomplishing things while making the most of every moment we're given. And hey, why not make those accomplishments not just personal wins, but wins for the world too? That's the sweet spot. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning, and it's the very reason HyperDo came into existence—to induce the joy of accomplishment, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the thrill of making a positive impact along the way.

For a cost equivalent to that of a large latte, you have the opportunity to transform into the most productive version of yourself. It's a small investment that carries the potential for significant positive impact.

Trade Offer Meme
Our Trade Offer

Feel free to use HyperDo for Free forever!

Our commitment is to keep the app free forever. It will continue to serve as a reliable and handy to-do app, offering valuable functionality. However, it's essential to note that, while you can still enjoy its usefulness without any cost, there will be certain limitations that you might come across. We expect them to be dynamic and ever-changing as we will be experimenting to strike the perfect balance of usefulness, value for the customers, and the economic viability of the product itself.

If you would consider upgrading to Premium, that would help a ton, as HyperDo could become the main project for the team behind it, which currently isn't viable yet. In the following paragraphs, we will outline what features are being enabled when upgraded to Premium.

1. Super Handy iOS Widgets

The newest iOS version allows you to make use of powerful widgets on your Home Screen. HyperDo Premium enables you to select various sizes and functionalities to suit your preferences. Also, did you know that HyperDo has a Lock Screen Widget for adding those to-dos on the fly without unlocking the phone?

iOS Widgets in HyperDo Premium
iOS Widgets in HyperDo Premium

2. Live Activity with Focused Task visible at a glance

This has got to be one of the most adored features of HyperDo. When your ADHD mind wanders somewhere else, and you're asking yourself, 'Am I really doing what I'm supposed to be doing?' That's when you glance at your phone, and this handy Live Activity reminder helps you focus on this single, most important task at this moment. We've heard how this helps people mitigate multitasking and actually stick to a single task until it's done.

Live Activity with Focused Task in HyperDo Premium
Live Activity with Focused Task in HyperDo Premium

3. Unlimited Spaces

We all have different environments that we operate our lives in. Usually, that's work, family, hobbies—anything, really. In HyperDo, we call this concept 'Spaces.' Most people can get by with having two spaces, but if you wish to have more, HyperDo Premium allows you to set up, well, basically an unlimited amount of Spaces. By the way, did you know that you can navigate between Spaces by swiping on an empty area? Try tapping and holding for Spaces emoji navigation to be shown.

Unlimited Spaces in HyperDo Premium
Unlimited Spaces in HyperDo Premium

4. Distraction Blocker

Time flies! Especially when Silicon Valley has spent decades perfecting the art of hooking you for endless engagement on infinite scrolls. The world doesn't help either, as there seems to be an event each day that adds to the endless doom scrolling. We personally found that simple hardcore blocking of these services was the quickest path to productivity. Yet, one would need to employ many steps before this is done. Some people use native iOS settings, while others turn off their Wi-Fi or put their phone on Airplane Mode. HyperDo Premium features a built-in powerful distraction blocker that's harder to circumvent than the native one.


We've been working hard on bundling together a set of features that would help you become most productive self. If you're still not sure here's one feedback from the customer that might help you seal the deal:

"This is little app helped me to make peace with myself and gave me a nice kick in the butt to finally get a grip on myself and actually get some work done. And I'm glad it did! I had forgot how gooood it feels to finally cross out tasks that needed to be done. Suddenly I feel more energetic and I realized you get burned out not from the amount of work, but from lack of traction. When you start actually getting things done you can achieve more than you ever expected".

Trusted by thousands of top performers from top companies
Trusted by thousands of top performers from top companies

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade and join thousands of others who have made a commitment to become their most productive selves.

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Newz Pro
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  1. How much is premium?

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  3. Web version in the works? That would give you cross-platform support.

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