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HyperDo FAQ

  • Why Upgrade to Premium?
    HyperDo Premium gives you unlimited Spaces, super convenient widgets for the Lock Screen for those extra quick actions and most importanlty handy Distraction Blocker which helps you reach flow state quicker and induces hyperfixation. Also that's the only way that helps HyperDo be viable and sustainable long term. We're a team of two, building this during our free-time. Your support means the world to us.
  • Why HyperDo requires Screen Time permissions?
    We use native Apple's Screen Time API to block iPhone apps via distraction blocker feature.
  • Can HyperDo see what apps I'm using and which I've blocked?
    No. HyperDo uses Apple's native Screen Time API which was made with privacy in mind and developers (that's us) can't see which apps people are using or blocking.
  • What does the star do?
    Starred to-dos appear at the top of the list no matter which space is selected.
  • I have a feature request, where do I send it?
    We're excited to hear qualitative feedback from HyperDo users. If you have ideas or suggestions please write to
  • Is HyperDo available for Mac?
    Not yet, but it is in the works.
  • I use Android. When is HyperDo coming out for Android?
    We do not have concrete plans to launch HyperDo for Android yet.
  • Help! My apps are still blocked although distraction blocker is off!
    Try turning distraction blocker ON and OFF again by focusing on one of the todos. Give it a couple of seconds before the changes are toggled. Sometimes Apple's native Screen Time API that is used to block apps responds slower than usual. Btw, you can also access distraction blocker by tapping and holding on HyperDo icon.
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